Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trump's Deportation Plan by the Numbers

Trump has announced that his deportation plans will remove 11 million people from the United States in 18 to 24 months.
Mass deportation of 1,300 striking miners from Lowell, AZ in 1917.
  • This is 50 times the capacity of all the federal prisons in the country.
  • It is a deportation of 15,000 people a day every day for two years.
  • It will take over 30 jumbo jets flying daily to carry this number at a price of $25,000 an hour per plane.
  • Or over 300 buses a day.
  • Or, 100 cattle cars a day using the Nazi figures of 150 deportees per rail car.
Speaking of Nazis...
Deportations circa 1942

  • 11 million, perhaps not coincidentally, is the same number of undesirables (Jews, Gypsies, Catholics, etc.) who were killed during the Holocaust.
  • Trump's plan is the equivalent of emptying the Warsaw Ghetto of Jews every month for two years.
  • During the height of the Warsaw Ghetto deportations (July 22 to Sept. 12, 1942) the Germans were only able to remove 6,000 people a day. Trump's deportation czar would have to be three times more efficient that SS-Brigadef├╝hrer Odilo Globocnik.
To move that much humanity will require extensive logistics. It will require large holding facilities close to transportation hubs where they will be processed and held for some time before their deportation can be arranged. Since they will certainly be unwilling detainees these large holding facilities will have to be ringed with barbed wire with numerous guard towers to prevent escapes. Some place like this...
Buchenwald, Germany 1945.

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