Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Killed By Cops in August

The most famous of the 106 killings of Americans by their police officers is Gilbert Flores who was gunned down by an officer while Flores was holding up his hands and clearly surrendering. Bexar, TX County Sheriffs are now suggesting Flores may, perhaps, they don't know, have been holding a knife while surrendering. If they can make that story fly then maybe they can twist the story into a righteous kill.

Of the others, the youngest was 15 year-old Andre Green from Indiana. The oldest was 77 year-old Robert Quinn from Pennsylvania. Both were killed on August 9. As usual, most were shot but seven were killed by Tasers.

The total, including the five people killed on Sept. 1, is now 799 people killed by American police officer this year, an average of 3.3 a day. For comparison, British police killed their first suspect of the year on August 30 for an average of 0.004 a day.

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