Monday, September 07, 2015

Kim Davis Saga

I've stayed away from the Kim Davis story because, well, I didn't give a shit. But Josh Marshall boiled her down to a simple, accurate phrase. She wants to "have her cake and eat it too."
Davis is your standard Appalachian government functionary. She inherited her elected position from her mother and intends to pass the job down to her son because in rural Kentucky education and qualifications are worthless, what matters is whose birth canal you passed through.

She's a serial polygamist - four marriages to three different men - her children were conceived by her third husband while she was married to her first husband and before she married her second husband. Typical Appalachian morality. Which, of course, more than qualifies her to impose her religious beliefs with the iron fist of an Iranian imam.

In accordance to her religious beliefs she refuses to allow anyone in her county to get a marriage license because...God and gays. A government official who refuses to do her job has committed a crime in Kentucky (Revised Statute 522.020). She threatened to punish any of her employees who don't break the law.

Davis believes that God is just fine with all the sinning of the previous two paragraphs. Her lawyer has declared the Supreme Court unconstitutional. So she languishes in jail on contempt of court charges while refusing any of the several alternatives.
  • Do her job without complaint. You know, the job she is paid $80,000 a year to do.
  • Delegate to her staff the work she finds distasteful. She stubbornly refuses to allow her staff the freedom to do their jobs.
  • Resign. If in good conscience she cannot do the job that she swore an oath, on a Bible, to do she can resign and no one will think less of her. But, it's a really good paying job and she intends her son to inherit the position from her.
By the way, another sin there. She swore an oath to God and broke that oath.

Davis, no doubt, plans to milk her jail time into a seven figure payday from the gullible rubes who think she is a martyr. Those Indiana pizza makers turned hate into an $800,000 windfall and Davis is way more famous than they were.

UPDATE: Davis is being released on condition of the second option above. My guess, like any two year-old, she will test the limits of her release from judicial "timeout" at her first opportunity.
Kim Davis is God's heroine.

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