Monday, June 01, 2015

May Police Death Toll

May was a good month for US citizens, only 83 were killed by police during the month.
On May 5, police shot an unarmed homeless man in the Venice community of Los Angeles.
Good is a relative term compared to the 101 killed by police in April, 2015. The deadliest states were California (8) and Florida (6). The deadliest day was Thursday, May 21 when police across the country killed nine people.

The youngest killed was 17 year-old David Gaines who was shot by Grand Junction, CO Police on May 19 after crashing the car he had carjacked. The oldest was was 62 year-old Millard Tallant who was shot by a Snohomish County sheriff for unknown reasons on May 26 on a road near Mr. Tallant's home.

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