Friday, May 29, 2015

California Snow Pack at Zero

Kern River in 2014. It's even drier now.
When the river runs dry, what will we say?
In the twenty first century 
Oh when the river runs dry, what will we do?
In the twenty first century
Hope that the earth don't tire, of the way that we're puttin' her down
Hope the universe don't say - stop spinning around
Hope the world don't say that we've got no place to go ~ In the 21st Century by Men Without Hats
The California snow pack is officially at zero percent. No snow in the mountains means no water for the rivers. No water in the rivers means nothing is flowing into the reservoirs.
Lake Oroville is the second largest reservoir in California. It is at 45% of capacity
Lake Oroville had a net outflow of 33,000 acre-feet (10 billion gallons) of water in just the past week. At this rate, and with no prospect of significant rain until later Autumn (if then), it possible the reservoir will fall below the level of the intake pipes. At that point the lake will be effectively empty as it will be impossible to take anymore water out.

Yet in my little corner of the desert (San Diego) my neighbors aren't conserving, we're actually using more water than we did two years ago. Our elites have lush lawns to maintain, swimming pools to fill, golf courses to groom, and sidewalks to wash. And our politicians are whining that the state is being a bunch of meanies by saying that Southern Californians have to cut back like everybody else.
Lady Gaga's Beverly Hills landscaper consumes more water in a week than I'll use in a year.

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