Monday, May 04, 2015

Short, Violent Takes

Geller Shooting Joy
One of these is Pam Geller, perhaps both.
Nobody is happier about the shooting at the Texas event making fun of Mohammad than crazy bitch organizer Pamela Geller. She was trying to provoke a reaction, hopefully a violent reaction. She would have been sorely disappointed if the event had passed peaceably as had her past attempts at provoking outrage. That her event drew blood and cause the death of two pathetic psychopaths is all the more joyful to her.

Baltimore Police and Race
The tradition was regarded as a technique by aggressive officers to inflict punishment on those they arrested without ever being accused of physically assaulting them with their weapons or hands. For a suspect with hands cuffed behind him, seated on a thin bench in the back of a speeding police van, a sudden stop or sharp turn or a bumpy road can do as much damage as a physical assault. ~ New York Times
Conservatives are crowing that the death of Freddie Gray was not racism because half the cops involved in the "rough ride" leading to his death were black. Maybe yes, maybe no. Police have developed a gang mentality, if one officer initiates a violent incident the others are compelled to participate or risk being blackballed by their "brother officers." Also, many African-American police see poor addicted black men as subhuman animals just like their white colleagues.

April Death Toll
Baltimore police march through neighborhood streets in a show of force, April 27 - Wash Post.
Last month, police killed 101 people. All but two were men. The crimes ranged from growing pot to shooting at cops. At least nine, including Freddie Gray, died while in custody. Guns killed most but several were killed by tasers. The youngest was 17 year-old Justus Howell who was shot in the back by two officers near Chicago. The oldest was 76 year-old Albert Hanson; according to official reports, he was trespassing on a farm outside of Fresno and fired a rifle at two deputy sheriffs.

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