Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Symbols of Police Force As Occupation Army

A year ago I wondered what happened to Officer Friendly. It's gotten worse since then.

Back in December the head of the NYPD union declared war on the citizens of the city. Throughout the country in the following months, police have been staging summery executions on the streets of their cities - an average of four a day between April 23 and 27. I  want to look at some of the symbols police have adopted as they have become an army of occupation.
This is the official patch of the Atlanta Police Department SWAT team. The Germanic eagle with a crown, the crossed lightening bolts vaguely reminiscent of the SS logo. It's viscerally disturbing.
Even more frightening is the patch for the Ann Arbor, MI SWAT. It would be more appropriate on the leathers of an outlaw motorcycle gang. This patch shouts, "We're going to fuck you up!"
The last piece of symbolism is the increasing habit of police dressing in camo. There is no practical reason for this. Special camouflage gear in a domestic urban environment is useless and just an expensive fashion statement. Police like them because they look bad ass. Commanders love them because they are part of the psychological conditioning of the officers into unthinking warriors.

You are no longer a cop. Look like a soldier, think like a soldier, behave like a soldier, kill like a soldier.

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