Thursday, April 02, 2015

Religious Odds and Ends

Brief thoughts passing through my busy mind....

Just Be Happy We're Not Stoning You
The biblically approved punishment for sodomites.
Sen. Tom Cotton, he of the 'See Spot Run' letter to Iran, thinks gays should not be complaining about the open discrimination they face in this country because it could be worse. He reassures gay Americans that, unlike in Iran, they are not being executed for their sexual sins in Arkansas. Yet.

Do You Know the Swim? You Better Learn Quick, Jim
The rapid retreat of Antarctica glaciers is moving up the the timing of the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet by decades. Of course, Florida is totally protected by the scientifically proven technique of sticking your fingers in your ears and making a loud humming sound. It's ironic that people who tout their devout belief in biblical prophecy are so deaf to modern day Noahs when they predict a destructive global flood.

'A Shameless Woman Shall Be Counted as a Dog' ~ Eccles: 26:25
When a female Wisconsin blogger had the impertinence to criticize police brutality a La Crosse Lutheran pastor had the calling to reproach her wickedness. He sent her an email attacking her evil lady parts ("fucking liberal cunt") and offering to gang rape her. Surprisingly, the First Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Lutheran synod did not recognize the pastoral nature of his email and the pastor had to resign. (Note: The pastor claims he didn't send the email but when police asked to see his computer to confirm that claim, the pastor refused.)

Being a Bigot Pays
The tiny Indiana pizzeria that proudly proclaimed its Christian duty to discriminate against gays has turned their bigotry into big bucks. Through crowd funding they have raised over $150,000. For perspective, the average pizza shop has about $60,000 in profits a year. There is more money in selling hate than selling pizza.

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Katy Anders said...

The Cotton clip is pretty amazing.

I'm not sure that saying that Christians aren't mudering gays is necessarily a ringing endorsement, but I am getting behind a movement to change all signs going into Arkansas to read, "ARKANSAS: Hey, at least we're not Iran!"