Monday, May 25, 2015

The Godwin Law Game

Republicans love to call President Obama a fascist communist Muslim. Well, two can play that game.

Ben Carson Is Like Hitler
Ben Carson is a vegetarian. Know who else was a vegetarian? Hitler! Coincidence? Or has Dr. Carson adopted the diet of his hero?

Comrade Walker
Scott Walker is immensely proud of his attack on unions in Wisconsin. He says his experience attacking unions has prepared him to be a wartime president. Know who else banned trade unions? Stalin. 

Il Duce Chris Christie
Chris Christie is Italian. So was Benito Mussolini. They share a similar "fuck you" attitude towards others. There is even a striking physical resemblance, as if Christie is his reincarnated soul.

Marco Rubio is Cuban
Marco Rubio is Cuban. He speaks Spanish. Fidel Castro is Cuban and speaks Spanish too. Rubio's anti-Castro rhetoric could just be a false flag disguising the fact he is a deep plant agent of the Communist Cuba's secret police. Can we take the risk?

Master Orators
Ted Cruz is considered a master debater, just like another famous politician of the past. They both hated homosexuals with an undisguised fury. As shown in the pictures, they shared a passionate and angry speaking style with a strong dedication to a belief in religious superiority. The only difference is that Cruz doesn't speak German. That we know of!

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