Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who Are the 47%

Mitt Romney dismisses 47% of the country as mooches (Not his word but a word used by Republicans defending him.). These Americans are the people he doesn't care about. So, who are they?
  • Parents who send their children to public school. The right Americans, the Job Creators, send their children to private schools. Moochers use government funded public schools.
  • Retired people. People in their 70's and above don't take personal responsibility for their lives. Like greedy sponges they live off their "retirement" and Social Security.
  • Workers. Waiters, dishwashers, roofers, landscapers, street repair workers, garbage collectors, teachers, and everybody who sweats for a living. All these people are parasites who pay little or no Federal income tax. They don't have any "skin in the game."
  • Soldiers. They lazily sit back and expect the government to pay for their clothing, pup tents, food and water, even their bullets and guns.

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