Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Clearing Out My Backlog

Some minor things I've been holding back.

Why the Polls May Be Wrong
The polls may be inaccurate not because any technical errors but from Republican efforts to rig voting.
  • Voter ID laws prevent Democrats from voting
  • Republican poll watchers challenging minority voters
  • Long lines in minority voting precincts coupled with bosses threatening to fire people who are late to work on election day
  • Republican voter intimidation
  • Aggressive state government directed vote suppression in Florida and Ohio.
In general, the success of the Great Disenfranchisement.

NFL, Gamblers, and Scab Refs
The big unnoticed scandal in the NFL is that the replacement refs may be fixing some of the games. The Seattle-Green Bay debacle swung the results of some $200 million in legal and illegal bets. These replacement refs have not been vetted, vocal fans of certain teams have been officiating their team's games. It is probable some of the short term refs have decided to cash in. In fact, if organized crime has not been bribing the scab officials I'd be very disappointed in the Mafia.

The Lady Vanishes
A corrupt Florida Republican congressman (is there any other kind), David Rivera, is being investigated for secretly funding a primary challenger to his Democratic opponent. The key witness, Ana Alliegro, was supposed to meet with the FBI on September 6. Instead she has disappeared. She may just be on the lam in Nicaragua or maybe she has been cut into little bits and fed to Everglades alligators.

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