Friday, September 21, 2012

Romney's Staff Are the World's Greatest Grifters

Mover over Carlo Ponzi. Take a seat Bernie Madoff. The greatest grifters in the history of the Big Con have to be Mitt Romney's campaign staff.

Mitt Romney was supposed to have the largest political war chest ever seen in politics. He was proudly conserving his cash for a big push after the conventions. To date his spending has not been extraordinary, Obama has outspent him, yet Romney's campaign is running out of money.

Where has it gone? Tens of millions of dollars have simply disappeared. Where?? I'd love to see a Pricewaterhouse Cooper audit of Romney's campaign and Mitt should be demanding one.

Here we are just six weeks out from the election. President Obama is campaigning as full time as possible while also holding the job of leader of the free world. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is spending the majority of his time fund raising. Mitt's staff still has him pitching his campaign to wealthy donors like it was a dotcom IPO when he should be campaigning.

To top it off, Mitt's campaign staff wrote themselves big ass bonuses.

His staff has been playing Mitt as a mark and he has been a compliant sucker. What's even more impressive is that the people behind Romney's superPAC have been playing a parallel con on Mitt's billionaire buddies. 

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