Saturday, September 15, 2012

Romney's Foreign Policy Acumen

Who has he pissed off, let me count the countries.
  • Great Britain before the start of the Olympics by accusing them of being fuck ups.
  • Israel when he attacked their Kibbutz movement.
  • Palestine, and Arabs in general, by saying they were poor because of their inferior "culture makes all the difference." Like the British, this one he did to their faces. Also,
  • Israel, again, in the same speech by dredging up an old Jewish stereotype.
  • Poland when an aide cursed out reporters at a Polish war memorial.
  • Russia by calling them "Enemy Number One."
  • China when he called them "cheaters," even though Romney made a fortune outsourcing American jobs to China.
  • Japan by claiming the country is insignificant and has been "in decline for a century."
  • Egypt and Libya by implying their governments were behind the riots that attacked American embassies.
I'm sure I've missed several countries. Romney's insults come faster than one can keep track.

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