Monday, September 24, 2012

The Clearest Sign All Is Not Well in Romneyland

I don't trust polls. I've seen too many campaigns get over confident, try to run out the clock, and fail in the last week. I remember how George Bush Jr. looked tipsy in the first debate in 2004 and it not mattering. Besides, shit happens. I won't feel comfortable until the day after Election Day when Ann Romney accuses Satan of denying her husband the White House.

Still, the clearest sign that all is not well in Romneyland is the dearth of comments over at rightwing blogs. The "enthusiasm factor" that was supposed to make all the difference for Republicans this year seems to have dried up.

The only topic at Redstate that has generated any interest is a review of the new iPhone. Ann Althouse used to see hundreds of comments to each of her vapid posts; now she is only getting thirty or forty. MSNBC is getting higher ratings that Fox News. It appears even rank and file wingnuts are getting tired of calling President Obama a Communist.

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