Saturday, December 24, 2011

Virginia GOP Ballot

Republicans have given me an early Christmas present. Only Mitt and Ron Paul qualified for the ballot in Virginia. Most states pretty much allows anyone with a pulse on the ballot (New Hampshire has 33 Republicans on their presidential primary ballot). Virginia is more strict, requiring 10,000 signatures with names from all 13 congressional districts to qualify.

Ten thousand is not an impossible number. I've seen all volunteer efforts gather twice that number in two months. If you are lazy just $50,000 will hire paid troops to gather the signatures.

Conservatives are bouncing between morning the absence of Gingrich and Perry, bemoaning a choice restricted to a Mormon Communist and a neo-Nazi, and weaving conspiracy theories that Romney supporters rigged the system. Reading the comments on RedState are very entertaining.

Gingrich and Perry tried but failed to qualify. All the other Republicans that have been showing up at all those debated didn't even try. Gingrich is whining about how unfair it is while Perry is threatening to sue. It is beyond me how someone thinks they can run an entire country when they can't even negotiate that nation's election rules.

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Anonymous said...

These people are a source of endless amusement. And, scary, because they actually think they are competent humans. I think the reasons for their "running" can be lumped into two general categories -- selling books, and ego tripping. In some ways it is hard to any of these folks competently operating a lemonade stand.

Maybe it is the deep dark winter influencing my feelings, but the long, tortured decline of the US is being led by people like these -- "the Stupids."