Sunday, December 04, 2011

Newt's Turn

Republicans don't want Mitt Romney. The reason there has been a succession of clowns and misfits leading the Republican field is that the rank and file is insanely desperate for anyone other than Mitt.
  • Really, in what sane universe would anyone think Michele Bachmann or Donald Trump was presidential material?
Romney's juggernaut includes an opposition research team of legendary proportions. Cain's bimbo parade and Perry's "Niggerhead" were not accidents or the work of diligent journalists. Romney has probably hired half the PIs on the planet to dig into anyone who has even an unreasonable chance to steal the nomination from Romney.
  • When potential rational candidates like Mitch Daniels and Chris Christie drop out without even trying I have to wonder what backdoor threats were issued.
Now it is Newt's turn. The flood of mud to pour on Newt over the next month will be epic (not that he doesn't deserve it). And, like all the previous Mitt-led smear campaigns this year, it will be eminently entertaining.

There can be only one and, in the end, Mitt Romney will be the most thoroughly despised Republican candidate for president since Richard Nixon. 

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