Friday, November 18, 2011

What Super Committee?

I haven't wasted time thinking about the deficit reduction Super Committee because the Super Committee itself is a colossal waste of energy. Any agreement would mostly follow the Republican plan of Grecian style austerity coupled with a few more tax cuts for the wealthy. No agreement is far better than that.

No agreement would trigger automatic cuts. Except $600 billion in military expenditures are included in the trigger cuts and there is no way Congress will allow even a penny reduction in spending on totally useless weapons systems.
The littoral combat ship USS Independence cost over $700 million, serves no military function, and has corrosion problems. Congress intends to have 20 of these white elephants built no matter what.
If the cuts are triggered Congress will be quick about repealing them. The Super Committee is super worthless and I have already wasted more time on it than the twelve congressmen who sit on the committee.

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