Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gold-Plated Gitmo

Money Hell-hole
The world's biggest torture chamber is also the world's most expensive. At a cost of $800,000 per prisoner per year, the Guantanamo Bay prison is not only illegal and immoral, it is also obscenely extravagant. Do the math: 171 prisoners, ten guards per prisoners, annual budget of $139 million. It would be cheaper to just buy the terrorists off.

Basketball Fly-by
Last night, around 5pm, the skies over San Diego were filled with low flying fighter planes. It sounded like I was living in Kabul. I figured something big was going on like maybe we were at war with Mexico. Then I realized the President was attending a hoops game on an aircraft carrier. Remember that scene from Return of the Jedi when the Emperor arrived on the Death Star and there were scores of tie fighters flying defensive cover? It was like that.

Romney's Turn
Maybe it's a game. All the Republican candidates are taking turns being stupid. For Romney's turn he proposed what amounts to selling the Veteran's Administration to Humana Health. And to rub salt in their wounds he suggested it on Veteran's Day.

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