Monday, November 28, 2011

Gov. Brownback Sucks

Lots of politicians have thin skins, which is weird given their chosen profession ought to make them insensitive to criticism.
Sam Brownback is one of those hyper religious politicians who believes God ordained him to impose strict morality on others while ignoring the Ten Commandments himself. As a senator, Brownback took money from pornographers and crooks and lived in a congressional dorm where he slept with eight men. Called "C Street House," it was known for group prayer and sex scandals. Brownback ran for governor of Kansas last year.

As governor, Brownback has had two major concerns. Imposing government ownership over every uterus in the state and monitoring social media for any sign of disrespect.

On the latter point, when some teenaged girl Tweeted that he sucks to her friends the power of the State of Kansas jumped into action. The Governor's office investigated the girl, discovered where she went to school, and made a phone call to that school's principal that was sufficiently threatening that Principal Karl Krawitz jerked the girl out of class and gave her an hour long browbeating where he demanded she apologize.

The letter was due today but the girl has decided to refuse to apologize. The girl believes that she has a right to her opinion and she has a right to express that opinion.

Brownback does, in fact, suck. This is an objective fact. He is also extremely stupid. By making a big deal out of this, Brownback has spread the story of his suckiness around the world.

As always, Comedy Central has the best insight on this.
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is, by all accounts, safe and relatively unharmed following a harrowing Twitter attack from an 18-year-old high school student last week. ~ Comedy Central's Indecision

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KatyDid said...

Shocking, and yet not all that surprising.
No matter what Florida, Texas, and Arizona try and do to prove they're crazy, Kansas is in a class by itself.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.