Friday, June 17, 2011

Short Takes

Is Romney Unemployed?
In short, bullshit! He is the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation formed to market his sorry ass to the American people. He is a product that is less useful than toothpaste and more disgusting than the Magic Poop Collector. While he doesn't draw a salary he is royally compensated. He doesn't pay for his travel, hotels, food, or clothing. Even his expensive hair stylist, with never a strand out of place and just the right touch of grey, is paid by the campaign. It's a golden gig.

Pawlenty and Romney
There is a word for Tim Pawlenty - snivler. Although, pussy also applies. Here is a man (I use the word loosely) who is all brave words when his opponent is 1,000 miles away. Put them in the same room and Pawlenty is cowering in the corner pissing himself.

Weiner Lessons
Never post anything on Twitter or Facebook you would be embarrassed seeing posted on the supermarket bulletin board. Same goes for e-mail. Also, it's probably a good idea to never count on porn actresses to be discrete.

California's Budget Farce
California has this new law where state legislators don't get paid if they fail to pass a budget on time. So they passed a budget which the governor promptly vetoed. Now the legislators can get paid and everybody gets to fart around for months like usual.

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Anonymous said...

Pawlenty and Romney do not believe in anything, so they feel free to take any position they feel is convenient at the time. In many ways, they are more annoying than the real ideologues like Santorum (well, maybe not quite) because, if they stand for nothing, that means that you can never trust them (In Santorum's case, he is proud to stand for those things that make him an unfeeling, uncaring, fanatical jerk. You can trust that, no matter what the issue, his position will be the most uncaring and hateful position possible.) Weiner is just stupid times a thousand.