Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Post Debate Analysis

It's way easier if you don't waste an evening watching it. Just read a bit and you can get the flavor of the evening.
Leno or Conan? ~ Actual question asked of Mitt Romney
  1. The quality of the questions asked by the professional TV journalists is getting dumber.
  2. Tim Pawlenty is a timid little mouse who ran from the fight. 
  3. CNN is to news what Marvel Comics is to literature - all flash, no substance.
  4. Bachmann won the debate while Romney was first among the sane people on the stage.
  5. Anyone who watched the debate missed a good hockey game.

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Great Golf Strategies said...

This wasn't debate, it was a gathering of republican’s/tea baggers that all want the same thing, that is for President Obama to not be re-elected. No plan to help Americans, just more tax breaks for corporations. They're all afraid to step on each others toes and not willing to be honest about anything. Typical republicans/tea baggers.