Friday, June 03, 2011

It's Where Cockroaches Hide

What part of "under the table" does Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) not understand? She has introduced an amendment to require companies doing business with the federal government to fully disclose all political donations. This would completely disrupt the US corporate environment.

The current business model has companies secretly slipping bribes (campaign support) to congressmen through various PACs. The congressmen pay back these corporations by secretly slipping sweetheart contracts worth billions into legislation. This business compact is consummated when the congressman retires and he is hired back as a lobbyist where he is paid millions of dollars to eat lunch with his old friends on Capitol Hill.

The corporations make fortunes. The congressmen make fortunes. And Medicare is slashed because the country can't afford to help poor old folk when it's main business is making rich people even richer.

Millions and billions of dollars are passed under the table where everything is hidden in shadows and decent people don't want to look because that is where cockroaches are most comfortable.

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Anonymous said...

You are insulting cockroaches.