Saturday, June 25, 2011

Captain Obvious Answers

  • Does Clarence Thomas have a huge ethics problem? Yep. 
  • Is he going to do jack shit about it? Duh, no! 
  • Is the Pope Catholic? Yep. 
  • Is the Supreme Court Catholic? By a 6-3 vote, yes!
  • When was the last time the US declared war? December 8, 1941. 
  • When was the last time any country declared war? As best as Captain Obvious knows, August 9, 1945 when the Soviet Union declared war on Japan is the last time any nation anywhere in the world declared war. Every war after than has be undeclared. 
  • How many wars is that? Captain Obvious can't count that high.
Final Question: Can Captain Obvious solve the federal debt crisis?

Of course. The United States could eliminate one-third of the national debt overnight by zeroing out the money the federal government has borrowed from itself.

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