Saturday, December 11, 2010

Monuments to the Rich

Bernie Goldberg wants to build, at taxpayers expense I'm sure, a monument in Washington DC to The Rich.

Monument to the Obscene Rich, Idea #1
Bernie wants to build it out of granite and bronze, which is exactly the wrong material to honor the sacrifices of people who use gold toilets.

Of course, the wealthy have been building monuments to themselves for quite some time. So, perhaps we can just move one to DC.
Socialist California doesn't deserve the Hearst Castle.
When Tyco's CEO held a multi-million dollar birthday bash for his wife (at company expense because rich people never pay for shit themselves) it included an ice sculpture with vodka flowing from the sculpture's penis. So, perhaps, something to illustrate their inflated egos.
Amsterdam's penis fountain would fit perfectly in DC.
Perhaps something classical would be more fitting. And we could save money by using an existing pool.
It could replace the Lincoln Memorial.
The important thing to remember is that the rich built this nation on the sweat of, well regular people did all the actual sweating. And the common folk did the dying too, in the fields and the coal mines and the factories.
And the oil rigs.
But the unsung rich people with their polo ponies and country clubs have been too long victimized in our culture. It's time we Americans give the rich with their mortgage fraud and credit default swaps what they so richly deserve. 
An island home.

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