Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lesson from the Obama Administration

I may be missing it. Perhaps the President has a strategy that is so profoundly sly that I just can't see it. At least I'm not alone.

The lesson: While the meek may well inherit the Earth, before they do they will be kicked around like a redheaded stepchild by congressional Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

I walked through downtown San Diego two evenings tis week. There must be hundreds of homeless within just a few square blocks. I have never seen anything close to this in 30 years of working there. It is so sad. And, yet it seems that our politicians are united in just one thing -- turning a blind eye toward it. When Cain slew Abel and God asked him where Abel was, Cain replied "Am I my brother's keeper?" the answer was supposed to be "yes". But our "Christian" nation strenuously argues otherwise. I am embarassed by this nation's collective inhumanity.