Friday, November 05, 2010

Gaia and the Election

Putrescent dirts
in impressive disgusting mountains
among the shrill cries of greedy gulls.

Filthy flowers of plastic bags
on the dirty river sides.

The sea waves
viscous bitumen
on beaches already dirty
of sewages and scum.

Chimneys and smokestacks
puff away
black smoke clouds
saturating with fetid hazes
the stinky, polluted air.

A day of ordinary violence
again begins.
A day of violated Nature
again begins. ~ Dawn by M. Ivana Trevisani Bach
One thing I am certain will suffer over the next two years is the environment. Republicans in Congress plan vengeance against scientists over global warming warnings. President Obama has never been very interested in environmental protection issues. I suspect it is an issue he will willingly sacrifice.

The problem, of course, every moment we continue to act like demented apes fouling our own nests we come ever closer to the tipping point where nothing we can do will be able to reverse the damage we have done.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the pessimistic part of me feels the best days of America and the World are well behind us. And Republicans seem determined to push us all down hill, maybe to a precipice, as quickly as they can. Ignorance ain't bliss, yet they feel blissful. It's almost like there are two separate species of humans, and the dumb ones are on control.