Monday, November 29, 2010

The Biggest Non-Surprises in the Wikileaks Dump

The biggest secret revealed by Wikileaks has been that there really are no secrets.
  1. Diplomats are catty gossips. Mumammar al-Qadhafi uses botox and travels with a "voluptuous blonde." That is useful information for diplomats to share, how?
  2. Arab governments want the US to bomb Iran. Sunnis hate Shi'ites. Arabs hate Persians. It really has nothing to do with any nuclear weapons Iran may (but doesn't) have. It is all about the US being a tool in a Muslim feud dating back 1300 years.
  3. The US spied on Ban Ki-moon. Hell, the US spied on everybody. Since when is this a surprise?
  4. Any idiot can spy on the US. Everybody spies on everyone else. It's not hard. All it takes is a pissed off Army private with a Lady Gaga CD.
The only surprises here would be for naive people who actually believed that government (the US, Italy, Russia, all of them) is run any better than the corner Burger King.

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