Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election Postmortem

The election went off pretty much as predicted. The House turned, Democrats barely held on to the Senate, and Alaska is going to be a comedy showcase for months to come. Now what?
  1. Impeachment of Barack Obama? Possibly. The more rational arm of the Republican Party will not want to go there but Michelle Bachmann will be in the House leadership, so anything goes. The rabid Tea Partyites will demand it and they only need a majority in the House. The litmus test for how far insanity has possessed the Republican Party will be where it goes on this question.
  2. Infinite Investigations? Absolute certainty. Call it Death by a Thousand Cuts. House committees will holding so many hearings Administration officials will have trouble finding time to go to the bathroom.
  3. Economic Recovery? Only by accident. The Republican economic play is to borrow money to give tax cuts to the wealthy. That is a recipe for economic stagnation, if we are lucky.
  4. Government Shutdown? Who knows? This also depends on just how much power the insane wing of the Republican Party has. Will Republicans look into the abyss and step back or will they close their eyes and walk off the cliff? If California Republicans are typical of the breed we can expect some spectacular base jumping.
Republican economic policy.

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