Monday, May 17, 2010

The Right to Arm Terrorists

Tracking the logic of rightwing nuts is impossible. Consistency is insanity to them. For example:
In the conservative mind if you are suspected of being a terrorist you don't have a right to a lawyer but you do have the right to a gun.

Then there is Joe Lieberman who wants to strip citizenship from anyone suspected of being involved with terrorists.

The operations of the terrorist watch list is straight out of the old KGB. Anyone can denounce someone else, for any reason, and they become an unperson. Remember that Senator Teddy Kennedy's name was slipped onto the no-fly list during the Bush Administration. An eight year-old Cub Scout has been harassed by the TSA for years because someone denounced a two year-old toddler as a terrorist. Even Arabic names, which transliterate badly into English, are always being screwed up.

As to terrorists and guns, I still support enforcing the "well regulated militia" part of the Second Amendment and that gun ownership be restricted to people who are governed and regulated by the individual states. Gun owners should be required to take, and pass, a training course to purchase a gun in the same manner as one needs to pass tests to gain a driver's license. Gun owners ought to be able to prove the physical and mental ability to operate a gun safely.

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