Friday, May 14, 2010

BP CEO Is Logic Challenged

BP CEO Tony Hayward is excusing the on going oil spill by saying it is tiny when compared to the full expanse of the Gulf of Mexico. I'll go a step farther and claim that the spill is infinitesimal when compared to the entire Milky Way galaxy. Why, on a planet orbiting the Dog Star the spill is having no impact whatsoever.

The logical fallacy is called "division." Just because the oil spill is has not (yet) reached the beaches of Cancun does not mean it is not devastating where it is and where it is is pretty damn big. At 80 miles by 40 miles, the surface oil slick is covering thousands of square miles of ocean. Beneath the surface in the mile deep column of water is an oil plus dispersant mass of unknown dimensions poisoning the waters.

But, if we view this disaster on a galactic scale....

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