Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand Paul and the BP Spill

Since Rand Paul chose to open his pie-hole on the Gulf oil spill a little translation is in order.

What Rand Paul Truly Believes
Rand Paul has attacked President Obama for criticizing British Petroleum, calling the criticism "un-American."
  • Paul believes that the only victim here is British Petroleum. By compelling BP to clean up the environment effects of the spill the federal government is forcing BP to act against its own interests.
  • Paul believes that the individuals who stand to benefit from a clean up should bear the full burden of cleaning up the oil spill. That would be Louisiana fishermen.
  • If these fishermen will not, or cannot, clean up the mess on their own that is proof their economic interests are unimportant.
  • Paul believes that if BP decides that it is in the best interests of the company to stop trying to plug the leak and let the oil flow in perpetuity, the government has no right to force BP to cap the well.
  • Paul believes that if BP executives act altruistically, if they spend BP assets to plug the well and clean up the disaster even though BP will not profit from the effort, then BP executives have acted criminally by stealing from BP shareholders. Only then, does Paul believe, should the federal government intervene by arresting BP executives.
Remember, Rand Paul is a beadle in the Church of Ayn Rand. He believes that BP should be allowed to pursue its business in an uncontrolled, unregulated manner.

Paul will not be saying these things out loud because he is surrounded by a herd of paid professional political consultants who are screaming at him right now to lie like a cheap rug.

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Anonymous said...

It was nice that we had a couple days where we could hear his real philosophy.An amazing show of honesty.

Sunny day, up here, tomorrow. Going hiking.