Thursday, April 29, 2010

Senate Filibuster Call and Raise

The Republican threat to filibuster even the discussion of Wall Street reform fizzled. It was such a simple formula for success I hope the Democrats remember it.
  1. Find an issue worth doing. Reining in the Wall Street bankers who want to be riverboat gamblers and nearly destroyed the world economy is a noble issue.
  2. Frame the issue from the beginning. Democrats didn't allow space for a repeat of the Death Panels lie strategy.
  3. Force the vote. Repeatedly. Make Republicans vote no on common sense again and again. Make them stay up past their bedtimes to vote no. Make them miss a rendezvous, or several, with the paramours. Actually, all you have to do is threaten to make them vote and Republicans will fold like a cheap lawn chair.
Simply put, don't make it easy for them to be the Party of No.

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