Friday, April 16, 2010

Charges Against Goldman!!!

How Dare They!!! How dare the SEC file fraud charges against Goldman Sachs!!!!

Of course they did it. Of course Goldman sold securities that they believed would fail. In fact were so certain they would fail they bought those self same securities short. I mean, that's like saying water is wet. Why, if that was the only fraud they committed they would qualify for sainthood in the community of investment bankers.

But the gall of actually filing a civil suit against the Great Goldman Sachs. Is nothing sacred? (Actually, the appropriate question here is...) Is nothing profane?

Still, I have unbridled faith in the evil that is Goldman Sachs. They will never pay a penny on this suit. Their lawyers are too good; most have graduated from universities in the 7th level of Hell. The lawsuit probably won't even come to trial until sometime in the 23rd century.
Goldman Sachs lawyers in conference.

Standard Disclaimer: The wondrous evil that is Goldman Sachs deserves daily worship. Please don't sue me.

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