Monday, April 19, 2010

Goldman and Republicans

"The Party of No" boxed itself in on the financial reform issue. Democrats suggested reforms. Republicans reflexively oppose them. With that stage set the SEC filed civil charges against Goldman Sachs and Republicans are locked in firmly with a defense of corrupt practices platform. To defeat Financial Reform Republicans are going to have to take sides with corporate criminals - and do it in an election year.

Conservative troglodytes were surprised. This is because they consider campaign contributions to be political bribes (they are) and because Goldman Sachs employees donated to the Obama campaign they thought it should have immunized them against any legal action.
This is stunning. Let’s not forget that Goldman was a top donor to Obama in 2008. ~ Erick Erickson
Republicans believe political bribes are sacrosanct, a bond never to be broken. Democrats, occasionally, are still determined to do the right thing.

Republican corporate bribers expect the party to go to the wall in defense of financial thievery. The Tea Party activists expect the party to take the populist stance against banking fat cats getting Federal bailouts. The Republican Party can't do both.

In the end Republicans will follow the money and side with Wall Street to kill reform. They will then throw some meaningless over the top rhetoric at the Tea Partiers and hope that sates them.

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