Sunday, April 04, 2010

California Shaking

Day after day, more people come to L.A.
Ssh! Don't you tell anybody the whole place is slipping away.

Where can we go when there's no San Francisco?

Ssh! Better get ready to tie up the boat in Idaho.
~ Day After Day
In the last hour there have been several significant earthquakes in California, the largest being a 6.9 magnitude in Baja California. Nine minutes after that big quake there was a 4.1 magnitude quake in Northern California followed by several aftershocks. A half-hour earlier there were two small shakes in Central California. All of this earth movement was on the San Andreas Fault. (Actually, the northern quakes were on the Hayward Fault, a close sister of San Andreas)

Seven minutes ago there was a 5.1 aftershock south of Brawley, fifteen minutes ago a 4.5 aftershock southwest of Mexicali. And I am feeling several aftershocks myself even though I am over 100 miles away from the big quake. Nothing frightening here, just very interesting.

And, no, this wasn't The Big One. The San Gorgonio Pass is still locked up tight. When that breaks it will be Katie Bar the Door.

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