Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I don't know if I whether or not I should feel safe because there are a couple hundred thousand spies in the CIA/FBI stable (The Stasi, in 1989, had 91,000 employees and an additional 173,000 informants). I understand why President Obama wants to keep the Patriot Act spying powers Dick Cheney championed. It's the same reason why the son of a counterfeiter would want to keep his papa's phony engraving plates. I understand, but I don't approve.

Should I be afraid that the government is peeking into every aspect of my life to "protect" me? Or, should I stop worrying and start inviting my personal watcher to parties because he knows more about me than most of my friends?

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Gray Moon Gallery said...

We defeated the Soviets, meanwhile a Stasi culture engulfs Europe... (Quote by Jan Theuninck, august 2009)