Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Joe Klein's Hissy Fit

I admit I don't read Time Magazine's Joe Klein. He represents the worst of modern journalism. He is a cocktail party journalist who is "too important" to do mundane tasks like research, too Daiquiri-addled to understand the issues he covers, and too attached to his C-List Beltway status to ask tough or even any questions at all so he simply parrots back whatever he is told by his betters. Klein is the kind of journalist that H. L. Mencken would spit in the face of.

Still, I had to stop and read all of the links from this Rising Hegemon post.

Klein got his diapers twisted because Salon's Glenn Greenwald caught wind of Klein's behind the back email attacks on Greenwald and posted them on a tidbit blog Greenwald keeps. How dare he, screeched Klein, repeat "private communications."

Anyone over the age of three knows never to write in an email anything you wouldn't want to see published on the front page of the New York Times (advise I was giving 20 years ago). Email is not a quiet whisper between the stacks of the Political Science section of the library, it is shouting to a friend on the street from a third story window. In this instance one of the many people Klein sent his attack to passed a copy along to Greenwald. That's exactly what I would hope any friend of mine would have done.

The most interesting part of Klein's whiny-assed posting is the comments. Out of scores of comments Klein found only one defender -
Joe Klein is a great asset to the media ~ #49 awb75 (probably his girlfriend)
and one guy who hates them both equally -
Klein and Greenwald are both secular Bolsheviks not real Jews. ~ #40 dencal26

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