Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fools and Their Money (X2)

Why Vote When You Can Buy Politicians
Two Republicans running California, one for Senate (Carly Fiorina) one for Governor (Meg Whitman), have a lot in common. Both are women. Both made a shitload of money, one for mismanaging her company into the ground and one by sitting back and profiting from people selling silly crap to each other. And both never really got the hang of voting. It's understandable, really, why waste valuable time voting when it is far cheaper just to bribe politicians.

Legal Thievery
Bill Keller used to make money through insider trading but that just ended him up in prison. He found it just as profitable, and totally legal, selling prayers to rubes. Now Keller and attorney Gary Kreep (such a wonderfully appropriate name) have come up with a new way to soak the stupid. They've got a Birther infomercial running where they are selling $5 bumper stickers for 30 bucks. Using that old P.T. Barnum truism that a sucker is born every minute (and most of them reach puberty south of the Mason-Dixon Line) they are counting on the fact that sleep deprivation makes even the brainless more gullible by buying cheap, after midnight, TV time. There are so many perfectly legal ways to con money from dopes its a wonder anyone turns to crime.

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