Friday, September 18, 2009

Murder By Insurance Company

Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that that whole "death panels" meme was nonsense wrapped in a crock. It doesn't take any more common sense to realize that the current health care system is designed to kill off high risk patients.

The system is simple. You can't get treatment unless you are insured. You can't get insurance unless you are already healthy. If you were once healthy but later become sick the insurance companies will move mountains to prove you were always sick so they can drop your coverage, thereby not spending money treating you, while at the same time keeping all of the premiums you paid while you were healthy and didn't need the insurance. Insurance companies call this "win-win."

Because doctors tend to be compassionate all the really important decisions about medical treatment (i.e. anything that costs money) are made by insurance company clerks none of whom ever spent an hour in medical school and all of whom went to work at insurance companies because the only thing they every enjoyed in life was torturing people in pain and there were no job openings at Gitmo.

The end result is something called Murder By Insurance Company and every year this system needlessly kills more people than would fit in Petco Park.

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