Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seven Days in May Revisited

Radical Republicans are again suggesting a military coup to unseat the elected government of the United States. This time it is a little piece of fluff called John Perry in this article in NewsMax. (Note: NewsMax has taken down Perry's article without comment but it can still be found mirrored on several conservative sites.) Perry sugarcoats his coup, saying it will be "civilized."

Perry suggests the casus belli will be the Middle East, with generals deciding they can do a better job than civilians. Perry suggests that President Obama will be kept as a compliant figurehead, although that could only be accomplished by holding him and his family prisoner and threatening their lives. Adding to what I said six months ago,
A military coup need not have tanks patrolling the streets of Los Angeles. In fact, if it comes to that the coup would fail, there are not enough US soldiers to control the country if the people actively oppose the coup. A successful coup would be a decapitation. The President, most congressional Democrats, and the civilian leadership would have to be imprisoned (or murdered). The broadcast media would have to be controlled and the Internet shut down to control the message that we were all in grave danger and the military heroically, and "reluctantly" stepped in to "save the country." There are certainly many Republicans willing to be the "civilian face" to a military dictatorship.

I'm not saying it will happen. I am saying that anyone who believes a US military coup is impossible is a fool.

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Gary said...

Wow, just wow.

It's not "Radical Republicans" who are currently and openly carrying out a coup d'├ętat right in front of us.

In fact, Republicans are some weak-ass losers right now, when it comes to stopping this.

Try reading this as it explains it all:

"Shocking, Devious, And Evil: How The Democrats Plan For A Coup d'├ętat Will Work"


The American Thinker has more:

"Obama and the White House Chicago Boys"


"Understanding the Democrats' Scheme"


It ain't the "Radical Republicans" who ever they heck they are that you better be worried about, it's the radical democrat/communists who are already in place!

Go back and read some history. I suggest you study pre-WWII Germany.