Friday, November 07, 2008

There Will Be No Economic Miracle

There are many more leaden shoes left to fall on this economy.
President Obama will not be able to wave a magic wand and repair in a few weeks the damage George Bush took eight years to generate. It will take time.
Don't ask what your country can do for you. Ask how you can help your neighbor. There is little the government can do to help quickly although we will do everything we can and probably a little more. In this year of crisis we Americans have to work together. We have to help each other. Let us show ourselves and the world, let us show the doubters and the cynics, that it is now that the best of America comes out. We can rise out of this morass by helping each other. We can do that and we will do that.
If I were a speechwriter for President Obama this is what I would have him say.

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PoliShifter said...

Republicans are already working to hang the economy around Obama's neck.

there will be no micracles is right.

But hopefully with a renewed American Spirit and belief in America we will be more motivated to do something about it.

At least we do have hope again. I do think McCain would have made things 100 times worse. Under Obama its going to get worse but we should at least stabilize and start improving with time.