Sunday, November 16, 2008

Giving Both Ways on Christmas

More than ever before, this year I am going to stretch my Christmas giving by buying gifts from people who deserve my patronage. I'm going to look to artisans and craftsmen, non-profits, and deserving small businesses as the sources for most of my gift buying. That way my gift buying won't funnel profits into some corporate balance sheet. Rather, I will be helping the people I am buying from more than those I am giving to.

I won't be perfect. I'm sure a book or two from Barnes & Noble and a DVD from Best Buy will find their way under the tree. But as far as I can within the scope of my imagination I shall ignore the corporate giants and buy from people my own size.

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Anonymous said...

Good Idea - the storekeep at one of my favorite local shops was glad to see us today.

She pointed out that her price for (wonderful) cotton sox for kids is 18 bucks. There's a catalog arriving in our mailboxes listing them for $22 PLUS $8 postage.

Thanks for posting a cheerful task for us to do (rather than listen to the fatcats some more)

From an Alaskan who is happy to have a Democrat elected to the US Senate.