Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Price Must Be Paid - Four

Has anyone else noticed that no CEO has requested the Wall Street Bailout? All of the impetus for this has come from Bernanke and Paulson. The businesses that are to benefit from the Bailout have been silent. Curious, no?

It could be that the requests were made privately and Bernanke and Paulson acting as dutiful servants to the major banks. It is also possible that this "crisis" is fake. That it is a political construct, an October Surprise designed by the Bush Administration to game the election.

It being fake would explain the strange argument that unless the Bailout is made outlandishly sweet the banks might refuse to participate. As if CEOs would prefer unemployment to losing their bonuses for a year or two. It is as if this is being set up to fail so Democrats can be "blamed" for the "failure."

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