Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain's Dimming Wit

Those of us who have followed politics for the past couple of decades have noticed the sharp decline in John McCain's mental faculties in recent years. His robotic performance on June 3 was just a sample. While the following two videos were designed to display McCain's insecure grasp of facts and wandering philosophies they also show the difference between the well spoken McCain of 2000 and the stuttering mess he has become in 2008.

To say that John McCain has aged these past eight years understates the problem. He hasn't just gotten older, he has grown senile. His sharp wit is gone. He has developed a tendency towards inappropriate giggling. He has lost the ability to focus and express clear, cogent thoughts. One final video from Ron Paul compares, accurately, McCain's incoherent babbling about the economy to that quintessential dumb blond, Miss Teen South Carolina 2007.

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