Monday, June 23, 2008

God Hates Iowa

Thank you Jesus' General. Here I was despairing I would never again find humor in Republican doochebaggery. Then I found out about dear Jason Werner.

Jason has discovered that Cedar Rapids is Gomorrah to New Orleans Sodom. Such a den of wickedness is Cedar Rapids that God has decided to flood the Missouri and Mississippi River systems, inundate millions of acres, drive thousands of people from their homes, and kill scores just because Cedar Rapids didn't stone, burn at the stake, or whatever it is dear Jason wants Iowans to do to the handful of gay people quietly living in America's heartland.

Jason, beloved of God, ran for Congress in Ohio and lost, getting some 5,000 votes. It's an odd thing about the God of Jason Werner. He'll kill innocent people to make some obscure point without the faintest hint of compassion. But, He can't get his Chosen One the 15,000 votes he needs to have the Republican nomination for Congress in Cleveland. It seems to me that the God of Jason Werner is not only a pathetic screwup but probably also a psychopath.

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Anonymous said...

Hey.. I hate Iowa too!