Saturday, June 28, 2008

McCain Lacks the Skills to be President

One of the simple ways by which to judge the executive ability of a presidential candidate is how well he manages his own life. That's why I judge the fact McCain is in tax default on his California property harshly.

McCain supporters might claim that his affairs are too complex to be able to keep track of all the details like paying his property taxes for the past four years. Tommyrot. If he doesn't understand his personal property how can he possible comprehend the multi-trillion dollar budget of the United States Government?

McCain supporters might try to blame Cindy McCain. But if McCain doesn't even lead in his own household how can he possible lead an entire nation?

McCain supporter will certainly claim it is a small, meaningless thing. I know that the State of California would not consider it meaningless if I stiffed them out of their taxes for four straight years.

As a politician he should know enough to avoid doing embarrassing things. It is hugely embarrassing for a politician to neglect to pay his taxes. Yet McCain lacked the simple wisdom to do the small things to avoid being embarrassed. How much more embarrassing will he be as President?

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