Monday, September 03, 2007

Seven Reasons Why We Shall Start a War with Iran

I have predicted America bombing Iran for over a year now and I have been consistently wrong. I love being wrong about this and I hope for my continuing error.
  1. There are people within the Bush Administration (Dick Cheney) that believe 2007 is the last chance to attack Iran.
  2. Of all branches of the US military, the Air Force is the least affected by the Iraq War. Air Force generals feel they are missing out on the fun and promotions a war offers. The Air Force is also the branch most dominated by apocalyptic Christians.
  3. Bombing Iran is the Neo-con thing to do. I mean, on an orgasmic level, on a forget-about-elections in 2008 Straussian level.
  4. Bombing Iran is the "Christian thing to do." And if we use nuclear bombs it means Armageddon, the rapture, the return of Jesus.
  5. It would be abysmally stupid. (I know that should be an argument against but whenever given a choice, George Bush seems to reflexively choose the most stupid available decision.)
  6. That "legacy" thing. Bush believes it is his legacy is to bring democracy to the Middle East at the point of a sword.
  7. Profit.
A Note on the Weather: Today in Southern California promises to make yesterday (106 degree F.) feel like a cool winter's evening. Hot Times.


PoliShifter said...

Great post and roundup.

Cooled off dramatically here today in southern orange county.

joel hanes said...

Hot times
Summer In the City