Saturday, September 08, 2007

Clothing to Get You Kick off an Airplane

Being Pretty
Kyla Ebbert was flying Southwest Airlines from San Diego to Tuscon in July. She is pictured at right wearing the same dress as she had on that day. A flight attendant (male) ordered her off the plane for showing "too much skin" for a family airline. Kyla negotiated a compromise, she adjusted her attire and was allowed to remain on the plane. On the return flight another flight attendant (female) complimented her on her clothing.

Expressing an Opinion
Delta Airlines threatened to throw Ralph Lopez off a flight to Atlanta this month for wearing a message similar to the one at the left. Ralph refused to remove the message and the offended flight attendant backed down. No word how Delta feels about people wearing this.
Squiggles and Dots
Raed Jarrar was flying JetBlue from New York to California wearing this shirt. He was pulled out of the boarding area by two men carrying badges. After a few minutes of intimidation he was ordered to remove or cover up the shirt. He covered the message with a shirt proudly proclaiming "New York" and was allowed to board the plane. However, in a homage to Jim Crow, he was moved from his seat in 3a to the back of the plane.

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