Monday, September 17, 2007

A Couple 'o Short Takes

I'm so bored with Iraq. I really want to write about something fun with pictures than don't include blood like the Lost Dutchman's Mine (maybe tomorrow).

Blackwater Bye-Bye?
Blackwater USA is one of the largest and most notorious mercenary groups operating inside Iraq. The Iraqi government has canceled their license to operate in Iraq because of their latest fling of recreational civilian killing. Were I a gambling man I would take bets on how they will get out of this. Will they bribe Iraqi officials to reverse their decision? Will their soldiers capture Iraq's Prime Minister and hold him hostage until the decision is reversed? Will they simply ignore the order and continue to operate their private army? As long as there is war in Iraq, Blackwater will be there. If ever there is a risk of peace breaking out, Blackwater will dedicate it's resources to stomping the dove to mush. Profits Uber Alles.

Bush's New French Poodle?
Has Bush replaced Tony Blair with a new pet in French President Sarkozy? Sarkozy and his aides never miss a chance to promote the latest Bush/Cheney wet dream - war with Iran. When the Iran War comes France appears certain to be cheek to jowl (butt hole to prick?) with the United States in the attack.

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