Monday, July 23, 2007

Serial Monarchy

Earlier I compared presidential Executive Orders to Royal Decrees in that such orders are laws enacted by presidential fiat. These orders can, and do, violate laws passed by Congress and even the Constitution with impunity. The United States of America is no longer a democracy or a republic, it is a Serial Monarchy. It is evolving into a Serial Hereditary Monarchy.

When we elect a president we elect a king, a king with more unilateral powers than George III had in England during the American Revolution. A 16th century British King needed the Parliament to enact the laws he wanted. King George Bush II has proven this year that he can do anything he wishes and Congress is powerless to stop him. The American King may have limited reigns. They may be chosen by election every four years, although the past two elections bring up the question whether they are free elections or just empty charades designed to hide the oligarchical nature of the selection process.
The current frontrunner for America's next monarch is Hillary Clinton. Waiting in the wings is the Jeb Bush for President movement - King Bush III. If both of these scenarios play out, from 1988 through 2024 the presidency would have passed back and forth between two families for 38 years. The United States will have become a Serial Hereditary Monarchy as the presidency is passed from father to son, from husband to wife, from brother to brother.

I want to say that there is something Un-American about this except it is an uniquely American invention. It is a governmental structure that would disgust Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. It is as similar to the democracy they helped create as an ant is similar to a horse.

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